Pilgrim’s Progress Books for Kids

Pilgrim’s Progress is a classic story that has the power to teach! Over the years, we’ve collected a variety of different Pilgrim’s Progress books for kids.

These various versions of this intricate tale provide kids with an easy-to-understand depiction of this most-loved story.

These young readers are perfect for elementary students being introduced to the original plot of John’s Bunyan’s classic.

Pilgrim’s Progress: Young Readers from Abeka

Abeka currently includes Christian’s Journey in their third-grade curriculum and Christian’s Journey in their fourth-grade curriculum. However, no need to stick rigidly to those recommendations.

These fully illustrated books take one of the most influential books of all time and reach the hearts of children with important truths of the Gospel and necessary lessons about the Christian life.

Little Pilgrim’s Big Journey: Part I and II

These heirloom quality books are recommended for kids up to age ten, but as mentioned before, this timeless story has the power to have an enormous impact on each family member in your home.

We enjoyed reading this version together as a family. It was such a neat way to recall the allegorical truths through fresh eyes.

Little Pilgrim’s Progress

The books included in here do not include all of the original text of Pilgrim’s Progress. They are each an adaption of John Bunyan’s spiritual classic.

Little Pilgrim’s Progress: From John Bunyan’s Classic

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