Christmas Activity: Play Dough Manger

As I was prepping dinner one night, this fun Family Christmas Activity came to mind. I had recently acquired the sweetest little wooden stable, but it was empty!

Not being sure what to do with it, I had been brainstorming ways we could put it to use this Christmas season! So without further ado, may I introduce you to our Play Dough Manger Scene?

As I was finishing up dinner that night, I quickly wrote the following on a piece of paper: – Mary – Joseph – Baby Jesus – Shepherd – Sheep – Horse – Angel – Star

Truly, the best memories are made when I’m not worrying about things being fancy. After dinner, each person in my family drew a piece of paper from the bowl.

Building a Play Dough Manger Together Now it was time to start creating!

The kids loved that this was an activity that included Mom and Dad! We got right in there with them rolling out dough and creating different parts of the Christmas story.

Baby Jesus turned out as sweet as could be. I love the way one of my boys “wrapped him in swaddling clothes”.

The funniest build? The horse! We have laughed and laughed about this horse! It’s poor little legs aren’t at all strong enough to allow him to stand. It’s honestly had us laughing for days!