Pocket of Poppies Flower Farm

It was the owners of TLC Blueberry Farm in Monroe, NC who originally shared with us about Pocket of Poppies Flower Farm in nearby Unionville, NC.

In thinking through ideas for experiences that our youngest daughter would enjoy for her birthday, Pocket of Poppies came to mind.

I decided that one evening during the week of her birthday, we would visit the farm together—a special mother-daughter date. This sweet flower farm did not disappoint!

Pocket of Poppies Flower Farm

The grounds are absolutely beautiful! I loved seeing the areas they use for gatherings, special events, etc.

My little girl was given a pair of kid-safe scissors to use for cutting, and we strolled through the gardens cutting the flowers that caught her eye as we walked.

Throughout the garden spaces, there are sweet little areas like this that can be used for creating a beautiful arrangement of flowers.

My girl loved this – It was so special to get to see her use her creativity in this way!

She wore her favorite flower dress (a gift from her Granna) and one of her favorite flower bows from Alice & Josie.

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