Pom Pom Sorting Activities

When I was a classroom teacher, I acquired a large amount of colorful craft poms to use with my students.

Over the years, I discovered a variety of different ways to utilize pom poms in developmental activities for younger kids as well as educational learning games for older learners.

Materials Needed:

– Tray – Small Plastic Cups – Ice Cube Trays – Silicone Molds/Trays

Pom Pom Sorting: Fine Motor Skills

Many children will enjoy dumping, scooping, pouring the pom poms in and out of the containers!

Non-Slip Bathtub Dots Idea

You can challenge your learner to use tweezers and place a craft pom on each little suction cup on the bottom of the gripper.

Pom Pom Sorting: Speech and Language

It is a great opportunity to discuss colors, textures (soft vs. hard), the concept of in & out, and more!

Pom Pom Sorting: Math

By creating arrays using poms placed down in the trays, students will be able to visually see their math facts!

Pom Pom Sorting: Geography

As you ask your student to identify each continent, they will drop a pom pom down in the corresponding spot!

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