A Prepared Family Pantry

There are many different reasons why a family may be wanting to take stock of their resources and do some work to make sure they have at least somewhat of a stockpile of products they use regularly.

I have compiled a list of items we have in our family pantry, and I want to share those ideas with you.

With little ones, this has made my life easier – no last minute trips to the grocery store because we’re out of something.

A Prepared Family Pantry

A Prepared Family Pantry Checklist

Canned Goods

Remember, only purchase items you use regularly in the recipes your family loves – for us, Rotel is a must!

Next up, jarred items that can be stored for several months – just like those canned goods!

• pasta sauce • pizza sauce • salsa

• dried fruit • coffee / tea • cereal • oats • granola • crackers

Next up, what about dry goods?

What about items your family might use for baking – in addition to keeping your typical baking staples on hand: flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, yeast, etc.

Next up, are there any packaged meats your family would benefit from having on hand?

• tuna • pepperoni • jerky