Art Activity: Create a Rainbow

Looking for a Rainbow Art Activity? You’ve come to the right place! This hands-on experience is one that little hands will love, but it can also be extended for older children!

Begin with a plate full of Fruit Loops—yes, that toxic dye-filled cereal that mama’s despise. It’s perfect for this activity.

Then from there, you can do a couple of different things!

On a piece of white paper, I wrote out ROY G. BIV—you know, the make-believe acronym name that helps kiddos learn the colors of the rainbow.

For one kiddo, this served as a guide as they carefully choose the needed colors to create this.

For a younger sibling, we began by doing a little color sorting!

We took their smaller plate full of Fruit Loops and made little piles of each color, and then we created a rainbow using each little mound of cereal.

As we created, I encouraged them not to eat the cereal pieces, but then when we were all finished, this happened.


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