Sensory Learning: Whole Body Number Line

Sensory Learning is a goal I have for all the kids in my house! How can I bring what they’re learning up off the pages of a textbook or a workbook?

This Whole Body Number Line is such a fun sensory learning experience – and can be adapted for lots of different ages and stages.

• Line up number flashcards or posters.  • Then give clear directions for your activity.

How to Set Up a Whole Body Number Line

Start with poster number one and ask your child to go grab one item. It can be one of anything: a block, a racecar, a doll, a sock, a book – anything!

First Activity Idea:

Then do the same for two items…then three…then four…then five……going all the way to ten…or however high your numbers go.

When we did this activity, my older kids enjoyed helping the younger ones find items to bring to the number line.

Interested in a way to extend this activity for older kids? Use skip counting posters OR Start multiplying!

Start at the number one flashcard or poster, hop from number to number, counting along the way as you go. Now try jumping and counting backwards!

Second Activity Idea: