Sky Top Apple Orchard – Flat Rock, NC

As a young mom, I couldn’t help but notice the number of families chatting about taking their little ones to Sky Top Apple Orchard in Flat Rock, North Carolina.

Neither my husband nor myself are originally from the Carolinas, which makes it an adventure for all of us when we discover a fun new family spot to visit!

We began our adventure with an early lunch at the nearby Flat Rock Village Bakery.

I had heard great things about this little restaurant, and when we arrived, I realized that I had actually already eaten there a few years ago.

After a quick introduction to the property, we set off with our wagon and our basket. If you have little ones, I would definitely recommend bringing a wagon!

After lunch, we drove on to the apple orchard.

Our first visit to Sky Top was in mid-September. This turned out to be the perfect time to pick Galas and Golden Delicious apples.

My oldest loved the way his daddy held him up in the air so he could reach the apples.

We ended up picking a great batch of Golden Delicious apples.

And then we purchased a bag of Galas from the orchard’s store.

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