Smarties Candy – Quick Cleanup Idea

As a mom of little ones, I like to think of age-appropriate ways to include my children in household chores. It’s helpful to me – but it also teaches my kids all kinds of great things!

When I am feeling overwhelmed by the mess around me, we all get movin’ – together! This a quick cleanup session just before nap time and then again in the evening before our bedtime routine begins.

Open a pack of Smarties, and let your little ones know that for every 10 items they pickup, they are going to get a Smartie!

Step 1

Step 2

Say “GO”, and off they’ll go RACING (if they’re competitive like my boys) to clean up as much as they can as fast as they can!

Step 3

As they work, enthusiastically hand out those Smarties as they come running back to you each time – yes, until the whole pack is gone!

As they’re cleaning up, encourage them to be honest in their counting – not that MY kids would ever have a problem with that or anything! ha!

As they’re cleaning up, encourage them with lots of “Keep going!” – “You can do it!” – “You’re almost to 10!” – “Yay, you get another one!” – You get the idea.