Surprised by Down Syndrome

While God chose for this news to somewhat slowly be revealed to us, in the end, we were indeed surprised by Down Syndrome.

Over the past couple of years, our family has come face-to-face with a few other surprises. Some difficult, and some beautiful.

Surprise #1 – For a variety of different reasons, we have been surprised by some of the interactions we have had with others.

Surprise #2 – For some reason, I feel like I expected strangers to be impatient and unkind toward us.

And while I realize our story is just getting started, I must say that one of the sweetest surprises thus far has been strangers being so kind to our family.

Surprise #3 – As we began to be introduced to others within the Down Syndrome Community, we were saddened to see that not everyone shares our desire to celebrate life.

Surprise #4 – God has given us so many reasons to celebrate! We have felt Him at every turn gifting us with the ability to choose joy and live with enthusiasm over each new milestone!

Our Family’s Passion

Our prayer for each of our children is that their lives would be used to point others to Jesus.