Encouraging Your Early Reader

I love using creative supplemental ideas to encourage my kids as they begin to show an interest in reading!

I like to incorporate additional activities that serve to engage them even more – allowing their curiosity to lead the way.

Want to encourage your child’s early love of reading?

Never forcing anything they aren’t developmentally ready for or enthusiastic about experiencing together.

So important to remember to keep it fun and appropriate for where they are in their learning journey.

IDEA #1: Engage the senses! Allow your little one to use their fingers to “write” letters/words in shaving cream, cool whip, pudding, or sand!

Cook up some spaghetti noodles…allow them to cool…and then play along with your kiddo to create letters/words by laying out/shaping the wiggly pasta noodles.

Play dough can also be shaped in to letters/words. Letter stamping/Word stamping in play dough can also be a great activity for busy hands.

Try taking your kids outside and letting them “copy” sight words from flashcards by writing the words on the ground with sidewalk chalk or by “painting” them on the ground with a paintbrush and water.