Thanksgiving Day Activities for Kids

Around here, we do our best to make sure Thanksgiving Day is as kid-friendly as possible!

This post includes a glimpse in to how we keep things simple as well as a peek at some of the Thanksgiving Day Activities we’ve done in years past with our kids.

The night before Thanksgiving Day, we go ahead and set the table which includes gathering some activities for the kids and putting a few things at their place settings to keep them occupied during times when they might be waiting at the table the next day.

I have a basket of goodies ready to go for the big day! Nothing fancy – just picture books and a few projects to engage my kids as we focus on what a special holiday Thanksgiving is for our family.

Here’s a glimpse of a few of the picture books you’ll currently find in my Thanksgiving Bin.

– Bear Says Thanks – Thanksgiving: A Harvest     Celebration – Squanto and The Miracle of     Thanksgiving

Seasonal Bins

Of the many activities we have done, I think this Pumpkin Pie craft has been the biggest hit of all.

Family Fingerprint Tree

We took turns adding our fingerprints to the tree, and then we talked about what a gift from God we are to each other.

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