Valentine’s Day Fine Motor Play

There are so many fun ways to practice fine motor skills with young learners, and I especially love providing festive ideas for celebrating an upcoming holiday.

This activity can be used for your child to practice transferring objects from one container to another.

To get started, provide your kiddos with a variety of different containers, utensils, and craft poms.

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I pulled out some fun  heart-shaped containers and our red, pink, purple, and white poms.

Another fun idea that adds an extra challenge is to try to use the fine motor tools to place poms on the backside of these Bathtub Grippy Dots.

It’s also fun to use a water dropper and try to see how many drops of water you can fit on each little dot on the backs of these.

My girls decided to begin mixing up some "recipes." They made make-believe soup and spaghetti. When the pompoms get inside that little whisk, freeing them is more fine motor work for your kiddo!

Let your little ones explore—scooping, pouring, mixing, and creating!