Water Play Fine Motor Challenge

Most kids love the opportunity to learn through the senses. So what could be more fun than a water play fine motor challenge activity?

Water play can be so calming. It can feel therapeutic in a way – calming, soothing, and relaxing in a way that many other activities are not.

The activity I’m sharing today quickly became a favorite for them and for their siblings to come!

Materials Needed:

– Bathtub Gripper Dot – Water Dropper – Water

How to Do the Challenge

Use the water dropper from this set of fine motor tools to see how many drops of water you can get on each of the suction cups.

Before you get started, maybe make some guesses – the actual results might surprise you!

Activities like these not only strengthen hands, but also build hand-eye coordination – all while students are having fun exploring with their senses!

Another Way to Try this Water Activity

Try using a coin! Use that same water dropper or medicine dropper to see how many droplets of water you can get on the head (or tail) of a coin.

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