Declutter Your Homeschool Challenge!

As we go throughout this challenge, I’m going to add new to-dos for you to tackle in your own home.

STEP ONE: Throw away trash!

This may sound like an obvious task, but let’s really think about this. What can we throw away right now?

Let’s start with the things that can be tossed from these spaces: – kitchen counter drop zones – art tables/art carts – baskets/containers of supplies

– paper trays/file drawers/desks – bookshelves – drawers/cabinets

Clear out the trash!  Move quickly! Maybe the kids can help? Maybe not? You decide.

Level Up: Maybe you want to go beyond the tossing of broken crayons and paper shreds. If so, consider what else could be thrown away.

Completed work you no longer need to keep (Your kids won’t want it when they move out – I promise…not all of it anyway.)

Half-finished workbooks that will never be completed (Maybe your nephews could use them?)

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