A Glimpse Into Our Life

This round of A Glimpse Into Our Life includes a peek into the beginning of our 2018. 

A Glimpse Into Our Life

A Glimpse Into Our Life by This Little Home of Mine

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Around here these days, I’m…

slowly getting organized. While we worked hard to keep the holidays and new year as simple as possible, we have been slow-moving getting all of the decor put away and settling in with a fresh start to the new year. This time of year always includes me going through every.single.room of our house and doing a major purge – even though I just did this very same thing leading up to the holidays. ha! I don’t know what it is about January, but all of that STUFF coming in around Christmas makes me crazy, and I have to purge and purge and purge some more – or I almost lose my mind. Anyone else? Over the last few weeks, I’ve had a variety of piles going

  • Return to Wal-mart
  • Return to Target
  • Return to Kohl’s
  • Donate to the Pregnancy Center
  • Donate to the Thrift Store
  • Give to So-and-So
  • Hand-me-Down to So-and-So
  • Sell on Facebook
  • Sell on ebay (Nah, never mind – I’ll just give it to someone.)
  • Take to my Mom for Her to Use for Such-and-Such

You get the idea.

Needless to say, this whole cleaning out, sorting, and delivery process has taken some time, and I’m thrilled to say that I’m just about finished with the whole scene…until it’s time to do my Spring Cleaning anyway. ha!

completing continuing education classes. In the midst of my annual January Home Cleanse, I was also tackling some semester hours that I needed to complete. (This could also have been contributing to my slowness in recovering from the holidays.) It’s time to renew my teacher’s license, and no, my current season of life does not leave much space for dealing with such things, but I was able to get it done…in between night-time feeding sessions for little miss. There were times when I felt tempted to call the people in charge and say, “Um, yes, is there any way I could wait until my new baby is sleeping through the night before I’m required to complete these projects and write these papers?”, but I figured they would just hang up on me, so I didn’t bother.

diving in to some good books. Now that my classes are complete, I am reading for fun again! Not that my classes weren’t interesting…they were (for the most part), but there have been some books I’ve wanted to just chill out and enjoy: like The Magnolia Story and Capital Gaines, a handful of Richard Paul Evans books I’ve been wanting to get to, and Family-Driven Faith by Voddie Baucham. If you were around for last year’s Books over Buttons Challenge, I’ve been doing a similar thing lately, and it has been really nice.

working on a new project. If you’re subscribed to my homeschooling e-mail list, you may have already seen that I’m working on a new project for 2018! I am so excited to let you in on the secret: I am right now working on a third e-book, and I can hardly sit still long enough to sit down and write it! The passion behind this 2018 release might just blow the roof off of my house! Okay, that was a little dramatic, but you guys, to say I’m pumped about it would be an understatement! Just ask my husband – He’s been hearing about this one for months! ha! To stay up-to-day on the details, make sure you’re signed up here for my homeschooling e-mails and/or following along with me on Instagram.

celebrating Aubrey Day. Just a couple of weeks ago, we celebrated our girl. January 15th isn’t her birthday – It’s the anniversary of our finding out that Down Syndrome would be part of her story, and what a sweet day of celebration it was. This year – leading up to the big day – Satan worked hard to discourage me. Throughout the week that led up to our celebratory day, he attacked me with guilt…and fear…and sadness…and more guilt. The business of life had me feeling extra tired, and it is in my feelings of exhaustion when Satan attacks me most. I knew what he was up to, so I texted my go-to prayer warriors. Throughout that week, they covered me, and I made a conscious effort to continue looking UP – rejecting sadness, guilt, and fear and embracing gratitude and peace. Thank you God for all the ways you’ve shown your goodness to us along the way. Leave us alone, Satan. You are not welcome in this story. 

loving our life. When people ask how things are going with four little ones, I’m not sure whether I should give my short or long answer. ha! Our days are FULL! Around here, there is always a lot going on, but isn’t that true for any family? I think the the most important thing for us in this season is that we continue to be faithful to say NO to all of the things out there that want to distract us from our priorities. When we keep the most important areas of our life in focus, God gives us the daily grace we need to juggle well – and yes, with four little ones, there is a lot of juggling – but I am so grateful for this life, and I love sharing it with you. This blog is my creative outlet for sharing our family life – recipes we’re enjoying, money-saving ideas and organizational tips that are working for us, learning activities that I’m using to engage with my littles, and encouragement for other families who stop by this space to grow together along with us.

considering the blog. My blogging journey began in January 2012, and over the past six years, this space has grown in ways that I – in the beginning – would have never imagined. I love the community that is present here, but the blogging world can be intense, and as part of this whole on-line scene, I’ve had to consistently work to stay grounded in my purpose for this space. Yes, this space is a source of income for our family, but the passion behind my blog is that it be a tool to serve other people. My number one goal? For the gospel to be clearly communicated here! I want anyone who stops by my blog to know the redeeming power of the Savior and how His sovereign plan for them is woven throughout the past, present, and future. Can this message be communicated as I simply share our family life? I believe so – because you see, God has so clearly made Himself known to us in each chapter of our story, and my heart is to invite you in to that so you can begin to see how He is present in your story as well.

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A Glimpse Into Our Life - Holidays and New Year by This Little Home of Mine

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