A Glimpse Into Our Life

This round of A Glimpse Into Our Life includes a peek into the start of 2019.

A Glimpse Into Our Life

A Glimpse Into Our Life: New Year 2019 Around here these days, I’m…

still smiling about Aubrey Day. Every year, on January 15th, you guys celebrate so big with us! We love that you grab cookies from Chick-fil-a (or some other treat that makes you smile), and you Choose Joy with us! For us, this celebration means everything, and we are so grateful that you choose to be a part of our story. 

A Glimpse Into Our Life
All the details on Aubrey Day can be found here in our original invitation from January 15, 2017.

sharing our story. At the start of 2019, I had the best time putting together an Instagram series called Getting to Know Us. Through a collection of photos and a little bit of storytelling, I told our family’s story: from the beginning of hubby and I to NOW. I loved walked back through sweet photos and reliving some of our family’s biggest moments. If you missed this series, start here and then walk through the photos that follow. If you’re new around here, this might be just the thing to introduce you to our family. 

A Glimpse Into Our Life

celebrating our 100th Day of School. Technically, we school year-round. If daddy’s at work, we’re at home staying in our routine, but our official school year usually runs from the day after Labor Day to the Friday before Memorial Day. So we recently celebrated our 100th Day of School, and that always feels exciting to my number-lovin’ boys. 

A Glimpse Into Our Life

wrapping up our first basketball season.The boys wanted to try basketball this year, so we signed up with a super low key league that really focuses on teaching skills. The schedule ended up being a smidge more than we bargained for, but we survived. The boys had a lot of fun, learned a T.O.N. about the sport, and they’re both already talking about wanting to do it again next year.

After the final game, the Coach publicly commended each player on the team for an area where he saw them shine. For Caleb, he said, “Caleb has THE BEST ATTITUDE – I don’t think there was ever a time this whole season when Caleb wasn’t smiling.” He was right – Caleb enjoyed the practices and games so much that he smiled the whole time, but what the coach didn’t know is that about half-way through the season – during practice one night – a boy on another team said something so.mean. to Caleb – so mean and so hurtful.

When Caleb told me about it, I said all the right things to him…you know, about being kind in return and all of that, but what I wanted to do was walk over and ask little Meanie Face if he always treated people like garbage or if this was just a special experience he’d saved for us…but I didn’t. I held it together, and then I did what any normal mother does – I stayed up all night worrying about how this kid’s words would impact my child into adulthood.

Would he always remember this night? Would counseling be enough? Would he ever recover? Did I say enough? Did I say too much?

We never talked about it again…I felt like bringing it back was unnecessary and may only make things worse…but at the final practice – Caleb came up to me and said, “You know how you said I could do something nice for #____ – the boy who said that mean thing to me? (“Yes”, I said – remembering my night of no sleep.) “Well…” he said…”maybe tonight could be the night I do something nice for him.” 

They’re listening, friends. They’re listening. Maybe they won’t need as much counseling as we fear. So we can rest well, trusting that God is stirring in their hearts. Yes, even while we’re tossing and turning all night long, because every so often we forget that they’re His…not ours.

enjoying having our Family Game Nights back. As fun as basketball season was, we’ve been thrilled to have our Family Game Nights back. Thursday Game Nights are such a fun way for us to not only play fun family games together, but they also give us time to play educational games at a time when daddy is home and can be involved in our learning. Sometimes the girls stay up for all the games, and sometimes we save a game or two for after we’ve put them to bed. A favorite night of the week for our big kids – and for Mom and Dad, too. Nothing says The weekend is coming! quite like a Thursday night. 

happy we got to see a little more snow. Here in the Carolinas, we got a little snow in December, but that was it! We had hoped for some snow in January or February, but nothing ever happened! Then while in West Virginia for an early March visit with family, we got to see some of the white stuff: 2-3 inches to be exact! Snowballs in March? We’ll take whatever we can get! Disclaimer: We didn’t always feel this way, but moving away from home…the mountains…where snow is a part of your winter – I dunno, it’s weird what you miss sometimes. 

feeling grateful that Amelia is okay! The other night, this little gal got bumped into by one of her big brothers on a riding toy. At first, we didn’t think much about it, but then, we couldn’t get her to walk! Or when she would try to walk, she didn’t want to put any pressure on her left leg. Scared.me.to.death.

There were no outward signs of an injury, but she wasn’t getting around normally. I started all the texting, calling, and Googling I knew to do. Googling = big mistake. I know this, but I did it anyway. I went from thinking she maybe sprained her ankle to deciding she’d broken her tibia to wondering if she was experiencing the sudden onset of a neurological issue. Does anyone else do this kind of thing? Or is it just me? Okay. Anyway.

Long story short, I couldn’t take it – I wanted the doctor to check her out, so the following morning (even though she was getting around much better by this point!), we gambled with what I feared would be flu-infested waiting room – mainly so I could experience a little peace of mind. The doctor didn’t see anything he felt needed an x-ray. He seemed confident that she was okay…and he threw himself across the exam table laughing when I told him I’d been up all night Googling neurological disorders.

Moral of the Story: Moms are crazy.

A Glimpse Into Our Life

working on a new project. As we move into the spring, I am working on a new project: our story in digital book-form. For months…and months…and months, I’ve been mentally working through the details of this idea, but I’m currently diving in to the writing part. So for the next several weeks…maybe months, I dunno – that is where you’ll find me: knee deep in pouring out on the screen all the ways that God has been working in our family’s life in recent years. I promise to keep you posted. 

A Glimpse Into Our Life

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