I’ve compiled some of the questions I’ve recently received on social media and put them together here for you! I’m not always able to get to all of them, but here are some of the ones I’ve included in this round of Your Questions Answered.

Q. How do you handle negative comments from people online?

I grew up a pastor’s daughter – I’ve dealt with criticism and nasty people on more than one occasion. haha!

A good bit of the time, I just have to laugh at the things crazy strangers online say to me. For example, this week someone on Facebook called me a Bobblehead. lol! What does that even mean? Honestly, it kind of has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

Here’s me with my pastor dad when I was just a little Bobblehead.

Q. Have you read Narnia with your kids?

I haven’t read it with them, but they’ve read it on their own. We’ve watched the movies together!

C.S. Lewis Books and Toys for Kids

Q. Does your husband work from home? What does he do?

David works for one of the banks here in the Carolinas. Until March of 2020, he worked mostly in-office, but for months and months and months now, he has been working at a desk in our bedroom closet. Sixteen hours days in a closet with no window while the world burns – God love that man! Between dinner and the kids bedtime (and on the weekends), he is in full-on dad mode, and I could not be more grateful for how he serves our family – literally night and day!

Q. How can I be present and joyful for my kids in such a time of political upheaval? Things seem so bleak.

When we thought this was just going to last two weeks, it was easy to keep things light and make the best of things for our kids.

I’ve been determined to continue that approach for them, but it’s hard. It is exhausting. Explaining difficult things to them has worn on me – and left me heartbroken at times, but I know we are not alone. God is on the throne. So thankful we can trust Him. He is OUR ROCK that cannot be shaken.

For many months now, this song has been on repeat for me.

Q. Want to move to Texas and be real life friends?


Q. Number one piece of advice for new homeschooling moms?

Relax. If you’re like me (how I still am today), you are probably putting too much pressure on yourself. Give yourself – and your kiddos – lots of space to figure this whole thing out. There will be some tough days, but there will be even more great days together.

Q. First thing you would do to transition to 365 day home/lifeschooling lifestyle?

I would start with a blank calendar and only fill it with things that will support this new lifestyle you’re wanting to have! I talk about this a lot in Lifestyle Homeschooling – In fact, the earliest parts of the book talk about the very first things we place on our calendar each year, and they are non-negotiables.

**A blank calendar is included with Lifestyle Homeschooling~

It’s time to take the first steps toward creating the family culture you’ve been longing for – a lifestyle of living and learning together.
Author, Lifestyle Homeschooling

Q. What homeschooling curriculum do you use?

We use a variety of different things! You can find what we use for each grade level here.

Q. How long have you and David been married?

We have been married for almost 12 years now!

Q. What adoption agency are you using?

We are currently working with adoption consultants who partner with multiple different agencies around the country. This allows us to see more cases than if we were partnered with one specific agency. We have been saving our adoption posts here, and are hoping to have another update sooner rather than later!