How to Save Money on Kids Clothes

Do you find yourself breaking the piggy bank as you purchase cute clothes for your kids? Along the way, I have learned a few things about How to Save Money on Kids Clothes! In fact, I have discovered ways to basically dress my kids for nearly free, and it is absolutely possible for you to do the same thing! Ready for my best tips? Here we go!

#1 – Purchase clothing that will last! 


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Buy name brand, quality items that will last all throughout the year (and maybe even beyond that). You want items that will survive typical wear and tear, pieces that will hold up well in the laundry, etc. Well-made clothes will simply last longer.

#2 – Recycle Clothing

I have actually found that my kiddos do not grow out of certain name brands quite as quickly as they do others. Do your kids have items from last year that would still work for them? Probably so. Any chance their winter coat still fits? By recycling a few items here and there, you can save lots.

#3 – Buy Ahead

When I come across truly fantastic prices on classic styles – neutral pieces that will work for more than one season, etc. I jump at the chance to by a size or two ahead for my little ones. The goal is not to hoard anything and everything you find for a great price. Once again, stick with quality name brands that you know work well for your children. This approach means that you will not buy things as you need them. I buy items ahead of time – when I’m able to get a great deal. I have the items when I need them, and I never have to overpay.

#4 – Shop Used

You really don’t have to spend a lot to buy quality items – I promise! By the end of April/first part of May, Yard Sale season is in full swing here in our area, and if we are in town…and the weather is nice…you will find me out shopping on Saturday mornings. I regularly find top name brand items (either new with the tags or in like-new condition) for literally next to nothing. As I come across like-new Janie & Jack, Ralph Lauren, Gap, Gymboree, Boden, Under Armour, etc. for under a dollar or two, I buy the very best items either for my children to wear within the next year or two or to resell for a profit. When reselling for a profit, I use any overages I make to purchase other items that my children might need. This approach allows us to basically dress our kiddos for nearly free.

While bargain-shopping, I consistently find quality items that my family can use. If it is something we need, I buy it, and we put it to use. Sometimes I will also pick up items that we plan to donate to some of our favorite locate charities. However, there are some items that I buy for the express purpose of reselling. With these money-maker items, I not only pay for anything that I purchase for us to keep, but I come out in the green overall. It is the exception – not the rule – for me to I buy quality items from the following categories: clothes, accessories, books, homeschooling supplies, art/craft items, home décor, etc. I am purchasing ALL of these things while thrifting! I am paying for ALL of the items that my family needs and making extra cash by reselling things the items that I bought for that purpose.

During the off-season, thrift stores, consignment sales, clearance racks/sales, etc. are my fair-weather friends. However, rarely is it really necessary that I purchase anything, because while out on those Saturday morning summer bargain-hunts, I am able to purchase most everything my kids need for the year (as well as some items for a year or two beyond that). Do I ever buy anything new? Yes – especially when it comes to older kids’ jeans, pajamas, and shoes…but once again, the additional money made from reselling various other items goes toward paying for these new things! Speaking of tennis shoes…

#5 – Spray those new tennis shoes!

While most of my kids’ clothing is purchased second-hand, most of their shoes are purchased new. Especially when it comes to tennis shoes, I always like to coat them with a protective spray – before my kids wear them for the first time. Doing so definitely extends the life of their tennis shoes and saves us money!

#6 – Don’t be afraid to return something!

Return any/all recently purchased/gifted items that still have the tags. Yes, even if you don’t have a receipt. Yes, even if it was a gift from Grandma. Many stores will offer you store credit toward/or the option to trade for something you actually need.

#7 – Resell with Caution

Kids consignment sales/shops are popping up all over the place, and while you can score some amazing bargains when shopping at these hot spots, be careful about selling your items to them. Before taking the plunge, consider a few other options – especially if your goal is to make as much money as possible! Want a glimpse in to what I do?

For high-end items that are still in great condition, I sell them on eBay. If eBay is not your thing, check out some of the other great on-line marketplaces – new options seem to be popping up all the time! Do you have an Instagram account? A lot of individuals are buying/selling things on there these days! Do you have local Facebook Yard Sale groups in your area? This can also be a great option for buying and selling!

For other items, I either sell them in a yard sale (NOT for $.25 or $.50 but for anywhere from $1-$5 per item – depending on the brand, condition, etc.) or I donate them and get a tax receipt. I have found that when it comes to selling the items in a yard sale, I typically make more than if I were getting a percentage of the sale from a consignment company. Yes, you read that correctly! It is possible to make a substantial amount of money from having a yard sale – the key is pricing your things high enough for this to be possible!
Note Regarding Pop-Up Consignment Sales: I realize that some mamas choose to consign their kids’ stuff because it allows them early entry in to the sales. I totally get that! When you’re able to be in the first or second group of shoppers, you most definitely gain access to a better selection of inventory. I completely understand why one would find this the number one perk of consigning! Go for it! 
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  1. I have also found that connecting with other moms helps too. I have had zero reason to buy any girls clothes (ANY!) because we have been given so many by several other moms. People don’t want to just give their kid’s clothes away, they want them to go to others who will love them too. So get connected mommas! And also be willing to hand down your things as well.

    1. says:

      That’s so true! We have definitely benefited from the generosity of other people! What a gift~

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