FREE PRINTABLE: A Christmas Reading Guide

Over the years, our family has loved reading through The Jesus Storybook Bible. We’ve especially loved reading the stories at Christmas time!

If you’d like to add these read-aloud stories to your family’s Christmas tradition, we have a guide to help you stay on track throughout the month of December.

Jesus Storybook Bible


Day 1: The Story and the Song Day 2: The Beginning: A Perfect Home Day 3: The Terrible Lie Day 4: A New Beginning Day 5: A Giant  Staircase to Heaven

Day 6: Son of Laughter Day 7: The Present Day 8: The Girl No one Wanted Day 9: The Forgiving Prince Day 10: God to the Rescue! Day 11: God Makes a Way Day 12: Ten Ways to Be Perfect

Day 13: The Warrior Leader Day 14: The Teeny, Weenie...True King Day 15: The Young Hero and the Horrible Giant Day 16: The Good Shepherd Day 17: A Little Servant Girl and the Proud General

Day 18: Operation "No More Tears!" Day 19: Daniel and the Scary Sleepover Day 20: God's Messenger Day 21: Get Ready!

Day 22: He's Here! Day 23: The Light of the World Day 24: The King of All Kings

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