Christmas STEM: Snowball Launcher

We built our own snowball launcher! All of my kids went wild over this Christmas-themed STEM activity. It kind of just accidentally came together, but everyone in my house was sure glad it did. 

Your family may want to experiment with other ways to put one of these together – you may have a different collection of supplies on hand that would work well – maybe even better than ours – but in the post, I’m going to share how we made ours. 


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Christmas Science - Snowball Launch by This Little Home of Mine

To make a Snowball Launcher like this own, you need: 

  • wooden blocks
  • rubber bands
  • plastic spoon
  • marshmallows

Ready to build your Snowball Launcher?

  • Stack the wooden blocks – however many high you wish.
  • To hold them together, wrap rubber bands around the blocks.
  • Tug the plastic spoon under the rubber bands.
  • Place marshmallows in the spoon – hold the spoon down and release to launch!

Other Fun Ideas to Try with the Snowball Launcher:

  • Experiment with different size marshmallows.
  • How far will your marshmallow go? Measure the distance!
  • Build two and make it a competition!

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My kids are wild about things like this! In fact, their once-playroom is now what’s called a Tinker Lab – a place for them to build and create all they want!

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  1. Love the snow ball launcher!

    1. thislittlehomeofmineblog@gmail.com says:

      Let me know if you guys try it! My kids had a lot of fun with it – so did my husband! haha!

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