When I was a new mom, I dealt with a lot guilt over feeling torn between playing with my children and tackling my household chores.

If I played with my kiddos, the house would be ignored. If I cleaned my house, my kids would be ignored. No matter which I chose, I felt guilty.

I wanted to spend undistracted time with my kids, but I also wanted to have a clean house – not a perfect home by any means, but one that was semi-clean and fairly organized.

How did I do it? I thought of a friend who I thought would be a good candidate, I asked her if she would like to bring her kids to my house and oversee a play date for all the kiddos while I cleaned.

She jumped at the idea, and our weekly Cleaning Swap began! During those two hours, there was no chit-chat! We cleaned, cleaned, cleaned until time was up and we would gab AFTER the cleaning was done!

After the first time, my friend and I were both hooked! We were amazed at how much we were able to get done during an uninterrupted two-hour time slot!

How to Set Up Your Own Cleaning Swap

– Brainstorm about a reliable mommy friend. – Reach out to her and let her in on your idea! – If she’s interested, discuss a schedule.

What type of friend should you choose?

Choose a friend who is reliable (This is huge!) and one who you think might just be as equally desperate for something like this in her life!