ABC Activities for Early Learners 

I love those early learning years! Finding unique ways to explore letters and numbers can be so fun.

Not sure what resources to buy? Not sure how to get organized? Not sure how to homeschool multiple kids? This book will answer your questions and more!

It’s a time when you can allow your little learner to lead the way as they are beginning to explore more and more of the world around them.

I’ve enjoyed incorporating ABC Activities, as well number activities, that keep them engaged and enthusiastic about learning, and hands-on options have worked best for us!

I liked that we could use writing tools – if we wanted – but we could also use other objects as we explored and “marked” the letters on each page.

These little objects have always served as a great way to incorporate colors into the mix.

Over the years, we have continued to use this tool in our home, and it has paired perfectly with some of our other alphabet favorites.