Acts of Service for Kids

Acts of Service for Kids:  It’s always a good time of year to begin brainstorming ways you can get your kids involved in reaching out to OTHERS!

Acts of Service can come in the form of global outreach, but they can also be things we do to show love right in our own communities.

When you’re going through the drive-thru, pay for your order AND the one that belongs to the people in the car behind you! Isn’t it fun to do something unexpected for other people?

Idea #1:

It's a great way to encourage them to notice other people around us. Nothing helps our family regroup like looking outside of ourselves and doing something kind for someone else.

Do you have a local Hospice House in your city? My oldest loves to accompany me inside the one in our town. We deliver donuts and milk, muffins and tea, etc.

Idea #2:

These are gifted to the families whose loved ones are patients at the facility. Has he joined me in greeting families who are gathered together grieving in the kitchen area? Yes, and all of this has led to some fantastic conversation!

Idea #3:

Do you have a local pregnancy center in your area? My kids love to gather supplies for the babies. Whether it’s gently used baby/toddler clothes or other items we pick up at the store.

Delivering baby/maternal items to the crisis pregnancy facility near us has been one of their favorite service projects thus far.