Easy to Make Name Puzzles

Looking for a fun way to introduce your child to how to recognize and/or spell their name? Name Puzzles are a fun, hands-on way to work with your child on these things, and they couldn’t be any easier to make.

Easy Name Puzzles


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How to Create Name Puzzles for Your Child

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step #1: Using a marker, simply write your child’s name on a word strip – leaving a small amount of spacing between each letter.

  • Colorful Word Strips Available Here
  • White Word Strips Available Here

Step #2: Use scissors to cut the letters apart – any design will do! You can be as simple or as creative as you like! Older children might even want to create their own puzzle by doing the cutting on their own.

  • Child-Safe Scissors Available Here

Step #3: Mix up the letters and work with your child to put the puzzle back together. This activity can be adjusted for just about any age/developmental stage.

Easy Name Puzzles

My kids have loved doing this activity over and over again, and because I didn’t want any of the pieces to go missing, I gave each of them a labeled plastic bag to use for storage. These name labels have come in handy for so many things! I’ve even used them on sippy cups, and they stay on in the dishwasher…for many, many washes!

Easy Name Puzzles

Removable/Reusable Name Labels Created and Purchased Here

In our kitchen area, each of my kids has their own Activity Basket where they keep any coloring books, activity books, doodle pads, etc. that they’re working in, and these Name Puzzles have been the perfect addition to their baskets.

Easy Name Puzzles

This system has been the key to my being able to cook dinner as daddy makes his way home from the office. “Okay, guys! Mommy is going to turn on some music, and you work on something from your activity basket while I get dinner together.” We have gotten in to a good routine with this, so it usually works well…I said usually. 😉

Are you a fan of creative hands-on activities? If so you, you don’t want to miss this idea either! Another easy-to-put-together activity that can be adjusted for any age.

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