Advent Resources for December

December is such an exciting month! We love the anticipation that comes along with the days leading up to Christmas, and I want to share our favorite Advent resources and activities for kids.

Family favorites that we are excited to enjoy throughout the month of December. We wrap about twenty books, placing them under the tree, and plan to unwrap and read one or two each night before bed.

Our stack currently includes lots of preschool-friendly books for the girls, and my boys love being the ones to get to read these books to their sisters.

Some families who also do this tradition wrap 24 or 25 books and read one together every night leading up to Christmas.

But for us, there are usually a handful of holiday evenings when we’re arriving home late and unable to do our reading time together.

This Advent Storybook has been a good option now that we have older kids in the house. We have enjoyed reading these over breakfast in the mornings – during Morning Time.

The Giving Manger is another sweet tradition that helps to set the tone for the month of December. It encourages our family to look around us for those we can serve throughout the season.

Each December, these cards guide us – day-by-day, story-by-story – through God’s plan for the Savior of the World to come and rescue His people. Sometimes we do these readings at bedtime.


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