Apple Books for Kids

Every September, we venture over to a somewhat nearby apple orchard. There are a few in the area to choose from, and this has become one of our favorite family field trips to take each year.

The honest truth? We go to these orchards for their out-of-this-world apple donuts but always decide to pick some actual apples while we’re there – ha!

Bringing books along for the ride to a specific place can be such a fantastic way to connect information in a book with real life experiences!

We have done this same thing for family trips to other places, too: our local zoo, a nearby dairy farm, the regional airport – you get the idea!

Sometimes they’re books I’ve requested and put on hold at our local library…

In the days following our trip to the orchard, we enjoy stepping away from our regular curriculum bit to spend some time learning about and experimenting with all things apple.

It’s amazing how this approach can be exciting for preschoolers and older kids alike.

So much learning fun to be had throughout the fall season – apples, pumpkins, leaves. It’s probably my favorite time of year for hands-on learning experiences.


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