Our Family Field Trip to ARK Encounter and Creation Museum

If you were to meet my Isaac in person, it wouldn’t take you long to realize how much he loves the Bible!

From the time he was itty bitty, he has had a very special love for God’s Word, so for his sixth birthday, we decided to surprise him with a trip to ARK Encounter and the Creation Museum!

The ark was breathtaking – I’m not sure I even have the words to describe how huge it seemed – especially to my kiddos!

We spent extra time in the areas of the boat that were most interesting to our kiddos – they especially loved learning about the animals and seeing the models.

But this room was probably my favorite! It was a space on the boat where they highlighted the way children’s books often make events from the Bible seem like fairy tales.

A commitment to truth was evident at every turn, and I was so encouraged to know that this attraction is consistent in pointing tourists to the God of the Bible and the truth of the Gospel.

We spent the morning in the ARK and then headed to Ezmara’s Buffet for Lunch. After lunch, we spent some time outside with the animals.

Later that afternoon, we hung out with Ken Ham! I was raised listening to his teaching, so it was really special to be able to hear him in person.