Family Field Trip to the Airport

One of our favorite family outings is a family field trip to the airport.

Near where we live, we have a smaller regional airport that offers tours and field trips for families and groups who are interested in visiting the hangers, seeing a variety of airplanes up close, etc.


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Then we also have a larger international airport that offers a viewing area where you can watch the planes take off – one right after the other!

We love heading that way, either after packing food to share or stopping along the way to pick up food for a picnic lunch.

Family Field Trip to the Airport

See our little picnic blanket? We always keep that in the minivan – ready to go anytime we’re out an about and need it. It definitely comes in handy for eating lunch at the airport.

Our most memorable trip to the airport was in 2018, as Hurricane Florence was headed our way. That afternoon, we got to meet Chris Bruin from The Weather Channel. At the time, we didn’t know much about him, but we were beyond impressed. He was so kind to my boys, even allowing them to hold The Weather Channel microphone and practice giving a weather report.

Since that day, we’ve been following along with him on social media and have been thrilled to see what an amazing role model my boys got to meet that day!

Family Field Trip to the Airport

Not all of our trips to the airport lookout are quite as exciting as this one was, but we sure have made some fun memories at this spot.

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