How Being a Teacher Has Made Homeschooling Harder

I’ve had countless conversations with moms who say, “I’d love to homeschool my kids, but I’m not a teacher.” Or they might say, “I’m planning to homeschool, but I’m really scared. I’m not a teacher.”

Maybe you’re a current teacher anticipating a homeschooling path for your own children. Or maybe you’re a former teacher who is struggling to move beyond that classroom mindset yourself.

No matter your situation, my hope is that this will encourage you. I want to cheer you on and inspire you to look at things in fresh, new ways.


I challenge readers to embrace a lifestyle that allows them to build a year-round learning rhythm that works for their particular family culture.

In my mind, it was also necessary that this homeschool room include a closet. This closet would be where I would store all the resources we were going to use in our homeschooling.

A “Homeschool Room”


We use the pieces that work for us and leave the rest behind, creating space for other supplemental resources and pursuits we want to include in our homeschooling life.

Whether a child needed more practice with a concept or simply the reinforcement of reviewing a skill they’d already mastered, I found centers to be super helpful.

Learning Center Mindset

Functional Activities and Games

Like a lot of the curriculum that’s out there, many educational activities and games have been designed with a classroom environment in mind.


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