Preschool Homeschool Curriculum

When my oldest son was preschool age, Homeschool Preschool just kind of happened for us. As a former classroom teacher, I enjoyed doing activities with my little guy in those early years while daddy was at work, and our journey with homeschooling grew from there!

Three Year Old Homeschool Preschool

Now, we are several years in to a homeschooling lifestyle I wouldn’t trade for anything.


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Our family has continued to grow, and over the years, I’ve enjoyed encouraging other families who are interested in homeschooling their preschooler.

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The culture tries to tell young moms that someone else would be a better teacher for their little learner, but that is simply false.

YOU are the best teacher for your preschooler, and I want to assure you that you CAN learn with your child at home. What a great time to pour into the life of your little one!

Three Year Old Homeschool Preschool

Simply by spending time with them – enthusiastically talking with them, reading picture books with them, and living life with them, you can gift your child with learning experiences they would never have within the walls of a formalize preschool setting.

Four Year Old Homeschool Preschool

Homeschooling gifts families with more – never less.

More real life experiences, more interactions with different types of people, more interest-led exploration, more quality books, more fresh air – more, more more – so relax.

Homeschool Preschool isn’t going to cause your child to miss out anything – I promise!

Your consideration to learn with them at home is a great thing, and I am cheering you on all the way, friend.

What do we use for Homeschool Preschool Curriculum?

Honestly, I do not order any specific preschool homeschool curriculum.

Personally, I have enjoyed putting together a variety of materials tailored to the fit the needs of each of my children, and I have yet to need an expensive teacher’s manual.

Four Year Old Homeschool Preschool

To give you a closer look at what this has looked like for our family, I have put together posts for the preschool years that will give you a glimpse into the skills we explore and the resources we use to learn together.

Whether your child is two years old, three years old, or four years old, I have a post for you.

Your specific goals for our child may differ from the areas where I’ve focused with my kids at various stages, and that is absolutely okay.

My hope is that my preschool blog posts will serve to help you brainstorm greats ideas for your unique child.

These early childhood years are so special, and through lots of free play and exploration, your young learner can thrive!

Homeschool Preschool E-course

In these homeschool preschool posts, you will see me mention my Homeschool Preschool e-course.

This a free course that arrives to your email inbox in the form of three encouraging emails that will help you get started with preschool at home.

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Homeschool Preschool eBook and Activity Guide

I also offer a Homeschooling Your Preschooler eBook as well as a Five Senses Letter-a-Week Activity Guide.

The eBook will provide you with inspiration for how to get started, ways to stay organized, ideas for juggling other things that may be going on in your life.

Homeschooling Your Preschooler - What Does My Purchase Include Banner

The Activity Guide is basically a bundling of the preschool lesson plans (I use that term loosely.) we’ve used in our home over the years.

Not only do these activities provide exposure to each letter of the alphabet, but you will be excited to see how the activities extend into other subject areas – early math, science, social studies, life skills, and more!

The preschool activities in this guide have been especially perfect for my daughter who has special needs.

Not only have I heard from other homeschool moms (and grandmothers!) who have loved this guide, but I’ve also received enthusiastic messages from classroom preschool teachers who are using the weekly lesson plans as the core of their classroom preschool program.

They have been blown away by how far the learning experiences go beyond letter recognition and letter sounds.

I especially love hearing how the activities have been suitable for all learners, including those like my daughter who require educational activities that are specifically suited to their needs.

Lots of different activities for lots of different kinds of learners!

See our favorite books there in the Library List? Also, check out those STEM activities! There are even field trips included on these idea guides.

Five Senses Activity Guide for Letter-a-Week by This Little Home of Mine

The hands-on activities and sensory activities included in this letter-a-week preschool curriculum have allowed us to strengthen my daughter’s gross motor skills, fine motor skills, as well as her speech!

Sensory Flashcard Activities for Preschoolers

I also put together this flashcard bundle with her in mind – and have included a variety of different suggestions for fun activities you can do with the flashcards!

These cards are a great way to provide younger children with sensory experiences, fine motor skills practice, cutting practice, and more!

My daughter is no longer in preschool, but we have continued to use these flashcards to help her in the areas where she has developmental delays.

Five Senses Sensory Flashcards for Homeschool Preschool

Here’s a peek inside what these interactive activities would look like for your child – Uppercase Letters, Lowercase Letters, Numbers, Colors, Shapes, and more!

Simply, print on cardstock and cut – You could even have your older children help with some of the cutting!

More Information You Might Find Helpful

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Homeschooling gives families the ability to create routines that revolve around family life rather than attempting to fit family life around their routines.
Three Year Old Homeschool Preschool
  • ABC Activities for Early Learners – Finding unique ways to explore letters and numbers can be so fun. It’s a time when you can allow your little learner to lead the way as they are beginning to explore more and more of the world around them.
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  • Encouraging Your Early Reader – Especially in those early preschool years, I simply encourage an excitement over conversation, books, creative play, sensory experiences, and technology. Yes, screen time – when used appropriately – can be a fantastic tool!
  • Organizing Homeschooling Supplies – This post will encourage you to simplify, minimize, and appreciate the space you have. You will see a peek into our school room and feel inspired to work with what you have to create a preschool experience that suits your little learner as well as any older siblings they may have.
Organizing Homeschooling Supplies
  • Homeschooling : Down Syndrome – If you’re interested in taking a closer look at what homeschooling has looked like for Aubrey, I would love to share a peek inside what her learning time looks like on a daily basis. We have been homeschooling her from the start, and it has proven to be the best way for my husband and I to stay tuned into her individual learning needs.
  • Our Family’s Philosophy of Education – When it comes to educating our children, we passionately take the greenhouse approach – seeking to nurture our children in a safe environment. Please understand that I am not describing a secluded environment, but a secure one…a worldview training ground where we are the guides – providing them with everything that they need to stand strong against the very real elements that they will face throughout their life.

One Important Thing to Remember About Preschool Children

Preschool-aged children are eager to learn! All you need as a preschool parent is an enthusiasm to learn along with your child.

The goal is for your preschooler to continue to enjoy exploring their world as they grow.

This is the key to fostering a love of learning and raising lifelong learners is at the heart of it all.

There will not be a one-size-fits all approach to at-home learning, and my desire is to help you discover what is going to work best for you.

The freedom to make decisions about your child’s education is one of the best things about homeschooling, and I want all of my friends to wholeheartedly embrace this gift.

Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth from This Little Home of Mine

Elizabeth is a former elementary classroom teacher who now serves her husband little ones as a full time homemaker.

After obtaining her M. Ed. from Christian university, she went on to conclude her years in the classroom and is now a homeschool mom.

She is passionate about encouraging other moms who are serving their families and educating their children at home.

Elizabeth shares her day-to-day on This Little Home of Mine as well as on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Her blog posts are the result of many days spent learning at home with her kids, and Elizabeth has taken her follower’s questions and turned them into resources she hopes will encourage families as they seek to foster a lifelong love of learning in their own children.

How I Prep for a New Homeschooling Year

Homeschooling Resources Just for You

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