Chapter Books to Read Aloud

Reading chapter books together is a daily part of our family’s homeschooling lifestyle! At home, in waiting rooms, and in the car, you will usually find us with a book within reach.

See the small children playing in the background? Yep, that’s how it actually looks in our house! They’re listening too—more than we oftentimes realize!

This list of books includes books for a variety of different ages and stages. Whether your child is a beginning chapter book reader or a more advanced middle schooler, there is something here for you.

If your children tend to like the Magic Tree House series of books, but you would prefer they come from a Christian worldview, then this is the series for you!

The Imagination Station series by Marianne Hering

The Secret Of The Hidden Scrolls series by M. J. Thomas

Follow Peter and Mary and on their adventures as they discover the hidden scrolls. The scrolls transport the main characters back to important moments in Biblical history!

This series follows a group of young friends as they discover an unseen world. It is there where they use their armor to battle dangers together—as the Prince Warriors!

The Prince Warriors Series by Priscilla Shirer

These are classic books, similar to the Nancy Drew series, where two teenage boys, through persistence and ingenuity, solve cases that even stump the grown-ups.

The Hardy Boys series by Franklin W. Dixon

Enter a realm of fantasy, where rabbits live in a land ravaged by evil preylords. The tale told of this magical world has beautiful parallels to the Gospel story.

The Green Ember series by S. D. Smith

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