Christmas Books for Kids

Christmas Books are most definitely my favorite books. As December 1st near, you’ll find me switching out our Fall and Thanksgiving books for Christmas titles and you’ll find these books on our house!

There is a book basket in our family room, a space for seasonal reads in our homeschool room, and a batch of Christmas books under the Christmas tree.

Over the years, we’ve built quite the collection of Christmas books!

There aren’t many things I’m okay with having lots of, but a nice big collection of Christmas storybooks for the kids doesn’t bother me one bit.

Some of our Christmas books been Thanksgiving gifts and others have been gifted to us at Christmas – Thank you, grandparents.

But most of them have been picked up second-hand! I love finding great books at yard sales, thrift stores, and consignment shops.

And have also found some of our favorites shopping used books online via Amazon and Thrift Books.

The Gingerbread books have been favorites over the years. They’re especially fun to read when we do the Gingerbread Bread Dice Game from this batch of Christmas STEM Activities!


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