By-the-Door Basket

As our family continues to grow, we continue to learn new tricks for how to keep things rolling along as smoothly as possible. When we find an idea that works for us, we go with it, and this By-the-Door Basket is definitely one of those ideas!

By-the-Door Basket

When I was a new mama, I found that having my diaper bag by the door ready-to-go was a must for me. This was in addition to also keeping a fully-stocked baby basket in our minivan – diapers, wipes, an extra outfit, you get the idea,


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Having everything ready-to-go within arm’s reach was a lifesaver – on more than one occasion.

That’s the idea with our By-the-Door Basket that we appreciate even more now than we did when we first started using this idea.

What is a By-the-Door Basket?

Well, it’s a basket…that sits by the door…and holds any of those pesky last-minute items you might find yourself needing for the kids before you leave to go somewhere.

If your kiddos are still little…this could mean their shoes – a matched pair of play shoes, their special church shoes, etc.

By-the-Door Basket

If you have little girls, this could definitely include a hairbrush, hair bows, hair clips – all things HAIR!

By-the-Door Basket

Honestly, hair issues are what started this whole By-the-Door Basket idea for our family.

By-the-Door Basket

How about socks? Believe it or not, I actually keep a pair of MY SOCKS in this basket, too – and a few of my hair ties! Again, hair issues. ha!

What ideas are coming to mind for a basket like this for your family?

By-the-Door Basket

This will definitely depend on the ages, stages, and needs of your kids.

By-the-Door Basket

As you use this idea, you may start to notice that it’s somewhat seasonal.

Sometimes it will be helpful to have sunglasses in the basket…other times of year, a few winter hats will be of more help to you.

By-the-Door Basket

For my oldest daughter who wears orthotics in her shoes, this has been a great spot for those.

We always know where they are, and they’re always ready to go when it’s time to head out the door.

By-the-Door Basket

As a homeschooling family, we are not headed out the door early each morning, but we do have various activities and appointments throughout the week that go more smoothly because of this basket right here.

By-the-Door Basket

However, this basket is actually most helpful on Sunday mornings!

It makes getting out the door for church much easier than if we were chasing these kinds of items around the house while trying to make it to the House of the Lord on time.

By-the-Door Basket

Would a basket like this work for your family?

Which door do you enter/exit through most often? Got a spot in mind? What kinds of items would be helpful to add to your family’s By-the-Door Basket?

By the Door Basket with Winter Gloves and Hats

You may find where you live that it would be helpful to keep a By-the-Door Basket filled with winter hats and gloves for all.

By the Door Basket with Winter Gloves and Hats

Let me know if you try this idea – It has been so helpful to us and continues to adjust as our family’s needs change from year-to-year.

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  1. I love this idea—but I think the shoes are adorable! What are your favorite shoe brands for kids?

    1. says:

      Thank you so much for being here~ I have loved Livie and Luca shoes for my girls!

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