Christmas STEM: Snowball Launcher

We built our own snowball launcher! All of my kids went wild over this Christmas-themed STEM activity. It kind of just accidentally came together, but everyone in my house was sure glad it did.

Supplies needed:

wooden blocks rubber bands plastic spoon marshmallows

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Stack the wooden blocks – however many high you wish.

Step 2: To hold them together, wrap rubber bands around the blocks.

Step 3: Tug the plastic spoon under the rubber bands.

Step 4: Place marshmallows in the spoon – hold the spoon down and release to launch!

Other Fun Ideas to Try with the Snowball Launcher:

• Experiment with different size marshmallows. • How far will your marshmallow go? Measure the distance! •Build two and make it a competition!


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