Drawings and Activities for Symmetry

It was so fun to put together these seasonal symmetry drawings! These Symmetry Drawing Worksheets are free downloads for my email community.

They are given the left side of the drawing, with each page challenging them to complete the right side—a fun way to create symmetrical art.

I also want to share a variety of different symmetrical line activities that will not only be fun for your students but will also increase their understanding of symmetry.

These games I shared could be extended to include symmetry learning. Toss your diving ring onto a shape that has only 1 line of symmetry.

Basic Shapes Games

Here’s a similar wooden set from Melissa Doug. As with my set, some of the foods will be symmetrical and some will not.

Fruit and Vegetable Cutting

You can simply cut out (or have your student cut out) a variety of different two-dimensional shapes to use for symmetry exploration.

Paper Folding

Another fun, interactive idea for exploring symmetry is to hold your folded paper shapes up against a mirror.

Mirror Images

Such a fun and different way to engage with this mathematical concept. This activity can be exciting for little hands as well as older kids!

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