Fine Motor Activity: Stacking Froot Loops

Fine Motor Skills…Hand-Eye Coordination…Concentration…practice with all of these things is built in to this super fun and super colorful Froot Loop Stacking activity!

Fine Motor Activity: Stacking Fruit Loops by This Little Home of Mine


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Each child needs a jar of Playdoh, a piece (or two) of uncooked pasta, and a handful of Froot Loops!

Fine Motor Activity: Stacking Fruit Loops by This Little Home of Mine

Stick the uncooked pasta noodle down in to the Playdoh (I leave the Playdoh in its container – just to make things easier…but if you want to take it out, go for it!), then encourage your kiddos to start stacking!

Fine Motor Activity: Stacking Fruit Loops by This Little Home of Mine

For older kiddos, you can extend this activity by encouraging them to create color patterns! My oldest loved doing this! He also loved counting as he went (with adding and subtracting happening along the way)…which turned this fine motor activity in to a math exercise that he had created himself. I love when that happens!

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Quick Tip #1: Regular-size pasta noodles work best for little ones, but Angel Hair Pasta adds a little bit of an extra challenge for older kids. Why? Because they have to be extra careful or their noodle might break. My oldest kinds of enjoys the thrill of trying this with angel hair noodles…It’s kind of like playing Jenga…only different.

Quick Tip #2: This activity is perfect for keeping little ones busy during that crazy time of day when you’re trying to get dinner ready…and the baby is crying…and your hubby is stuck in traffic…you get the idea!

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… and these Froot Loops No-Bake Treats that are definitely for snacking!

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