Family Fire Drills

I lived in fear of a house fire destroying our family home. There was even a time when I prepared a little backpack. This would be the one thing I would grab before escaping from our burning home.

Now with four little ones of my own, I am doing my best to help them not feel scared in the same way I was, but prepared.

From the time our little ones can walk and talk and escape from their toddler beds, we try to weave in opportunities to educate them about fire safety.

During those early years, fire truck toys are a favorite around here.

Into the preschool years, fire truck-themed books

…and puzzles keep the conversation going…

…and until they’re able to recall them by memory, we keep emergency numbers posted in their bedrooms for them to see and review with us often.

Recently, we received a shipment from First Alert and this made for the perfect opportunity to review and run through our family’s fire escape plan.


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