Family Game Night

Evenings together at home after full days have become a special part of our family life, and if you peeked inside our home on a Thursday evening, you would see us having Family Game Night!

Every Thursday night is Game Night, and not only is it a chance to have fun together as a family, but it is also a fantastic opportunity to learn together.

Here are some other games that we’ve loved to incorporate into our Thursday nights together.

– Zingo Number Bingo – Bingo – Roll & Play by Think Fun – Great States Junior – Move & Groove by Think Fun – Sequence for Kids – Sequence Letters


- Brackitz Race Park - Math War - Mental Blox by Learning Resources - Money Bags - Osmo - Pizza Fraction Fun - Scrambled States of America


Tip #1: Begin by lowering your expectations! As fun as this all might sound, you are going to be dealing with real live humans who will most likely, at times, create drama.

Tips to Help Your Family Game Night Run Smoothly

Tip #2: Serve snacks – something that won’t make a huge mess and make you feel like you want to throw a grownup tantrum. Popcorn and cookies have worked well around here.

Tip #3: Relax and have fun – sure, this can be a time when your kids learn, but keep it light! If you’re chill, they’ll be all about the games – and not even realize you are checking things off your lesson plans.