DIY Playroom Magnet Board

After seeing multiple pins showcasing this idea, I had to give this DIY Magnet Board a try in our home!

Since our playroom is decorated with an industrial transportation theme, I thought this addition would fit perfectly, and it has been great.


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DIY Magnetic Space - Oil Drip Pan

I grabbed a large oil drip pan from the automotive department at Wal-Mart.

It was priced right around $10!

Then I went to Lowe’s Hardware and picked out four sturdy screws and four coordinating washers.

DIY Magnetic Space - Oil Drip Pan

While this magnetic board could be oriented any way you prefer, hubby and I attached the galvanized pan horizontally to one of our playroom walls – making sure it was at a height that could grow with our kids.

We have used our magnet board for all kinds of things:

Magnetic Letters

Older kids can practice their spelling and vocabulary words!

Magnetic Numbers

Magnetic Numbers - Math Problems - on Vertical Magnetic Space

Magnetic Shapes

Magnetic Money

farm animal magnets – Got any zoo animal magnets?

You could do a farm/zoo animal sort! 

Leap Frog Animal Farm Game on Magnet Board

These are the Alex Rub-a-Dub Transportation Bath Stick ‘Ems with magnets attached to the back!

DIY Magnet Board - Playroom Photos

We’ve also enjoyed coming across fun seasonal magnets and swapping them out throughout the year.

Over the years, we’ve found a variety of different ones at Dollar Tree.

DIY Magnet Board - Playroom Photos

Whether your children are preschool age or you are working with older learners, the options are endless.

The sky’s the limit, and I’m even considering adding one of these magnet boards to our homeschool room as well!

Don’t have the wall space for a board this size but have some fun magnets you want to use for activities with your kids?

A simple cookie sheet will do!

DIY Magnet Board - Playroom Photos

You can use a baking sheet from your kitchen

Greek Word Spelled Out with Magnetic Letters

or purchase an inexpensive school-only one

DIY Magnet Board - Playroom Photos

to use for the activities you have in mind for your kids.

Magnetic Letters - Alphabet on Baking Sheet

If you’re like me and you can’t get enough of the galvanized metal look, check out this container idea I found that has been the perfect answer to our crayon storage issues!

Galvanized Storage Container for Crayons

Curious about how we’ve done preschool at home over the years? We would love to share a peek inside with you!

Homeschooling Resources Just for You

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