In this post, I’m sharing a handful of different four seasons book series that I think you’ll love. These little seasonal collections have been favorites in our house for a few years now. My older boys even enjoyed them when they were younger!

First up is this fun weather set by Scholastic:

– Learn about Rain – Learn about Sun – Learn about Wind – Learn about Snow

I originally found this set second-hand. I’ve spotted a few online (such as here), but this series may be a little tricky to easily gather at this time.

Next up, is the Let it… series – this set is so much fun to read aloud with little ones. - Let it Rain - Let it Shine - Let it Fall - Let it Snow

These books will also capture the interest of kids who are beyond that stage. - God’s Springtime Alphabet: K is for Kite - God’s Summertime Alphabet: F is for Fireflies - God’s Harvest Alphabet: P is for Pumpkin - God’s Wintertime Alphabet: S is for Snowman

I purchased them one-by-one from Amazon! Not only have my kids enjoyed the flap surprises, but I feel like these books TEACH. Woven throughout these books is information that teach them something new about the world around them.