Going to the Beach with Children

Since our oldest was about four weeks old, we have been traveling with kids. As our family has continued to grow, we have continued to travel!

We take day trips. We visit out-of-town family members. We spend extended weekends in the mountains—and we even venture to the beach!

Taking kids to the beach is no easy task! In fact, it’s probably going to leave you needing another vacation—just for you—but I promise that all of the work will be worth it!

Packing and Preparing to Leave

I like to pack books, activities, etc. that fit the occasion. It comes in handy in the car, during downtime at the condo, etc.

When hitting the road, we plan ahead for lots of breaks – stopping before everyone is about to wet their pants…stopping before everyone is starving to death saves us lots of drama.

While En Route

When We Arrive

Upon arrival, we attack the condo with Lysol spray and Clorox wipes. After we disinfect the entire place, we get our groceries organized for the week!

While We’re There

When traveling with little ones, we try to find a balance. We want to limit the number of activities we plan for each day. We want to include “break days”.

Traveling Home

While we are away, I do a little bit of laundry each day, and before leaving to head back home, I make sure most of it is done.