How to Stay Connected with Out-of-Town Grandparents

If you've followed along with me for long, you've heard me mention that hubby and I are transplants to our area, and we are traveling through our parenting journey without any family support in town.

While most of our relatives live within a driveable distance, they are just far enough away from us that we do not get to spend nearly as much time with them as we would like.

Photo Album

On each child’s first birthday, I gift them with a soft and safe baby photo album, and inside, I include photos of them with each of their closest loved ones.

Call Often

From the time our little ones are born, we want them to be able to recognize the voices of their loved ones, so we call our family as often as we can.

Share Photos

When something adorable is happening around here, texting a little blurb or sending out a picture of the moment is a perfect way to keep grandparents in the loop.

While social media most definitely can not compete with time spent in person with loved ones, it can be a helpful tool to staying connected.

Social Media

Video Chat

As they learn new things – like their ABCs, a counting song, The Pledge of Allegiance, a new Bible verse, etc. – they love sharing them with their grandparents.

While technology is fantastic, sending snail mail is fun, too. I usually allow my kids gather/prepare what we’re going to send, and then they decorate the envelope/packaging.

Send Snail Mail