Ham and Gouda Cheese on Yeast Rolls

Quick-fix meals don’t get any easier than this Ham & Gouda Cheese on Yeast Rolls Recipe that my crew has been going wild over lately!


Sliced Ham Sliced Gouda Cheese Yeast Rolls Melted Butter & Seasoning

Step #1: I usually let the yeast rolls thaw enough to where I can stuff each one with a little ham and a little cheese. Sometimes I will cook them straight from frozen for approximately 5-10 and then stuff them. Either way works!

Step #2: After they have the meat and cheese placed inside, I brush melted butter on top of each one! Adding a little garlic and green onions to the butter takes this whole thing to another level!

Step #3: Once they are prepped, I toss them back in the oven so the rolls can finish cooking and the ham and cheese combo can warm/melt thoroughly.

For oven temp and specific cook times, follow the directions on your rolls!