Have you Tried Using a Mommy’s Helper?

In our experience, a Mommy’s Helper is a responsible young girl who comes to the house for a couple of hours and plays with the kids while Mommy takes some time to tackle in-home tasks.

Mommy’s Helper has worked a little bit differently from when we’ve had a babysitter come in order for me to leave to go to an appointment, run errands, or head out on a date night with hubby.

Over the years, babysitters have definitely been helpful at times, but Mommy’s Helpers have probably been the most fantastic, and in this post, I’m sharing WHO WE USE and HOW IT WORKS for our family.

Mommy’s Helpers: Important Things to Consider

Age/Maturity: When a Mommy’s Helper comes to our house, I don’t leave. I stay home and work there while she is nearby with the kids.

Experience – Once again, you’re probably going to be somewhere in the house, so while you definitely want someone who enjoys kids, makes responsible decisions, etc.

Transportation – My personal preference has been that the Mommy’s Helper have transportation for getting to/from my house.

Punctuality – I may be starting to sound a bit demanding here, but it is really important that your Mommy’s Helper be someone whose transportation arrives on time.

Payment – What do you pay your babysitters? That’s a good starting point! However, with younger girls just starting out, a lower amount is perfectly acceptable.