How Long Should a Homeschool Preschool Day Last?

Homeschooling gifts families with the ability to create routines that revolve around family life rather than attempting to fit family life in around their routines.

With careful planning and a little creativity, this can result in some amazing learning opportunities for everyone involved!

One of the things that I have tried hard to do is create a home environment where learning can take place any time day or night.

My Encouragement for You:

#1: Don’t isolate your children! One of the reasons we love homeschooling is that it provides us the opportunity to do MORE!

#2: Don’t compare! It doesn’t matter what other families are doing. What matters is that you discover what is best for you and your family and then stick to it!

#3: Let kids be kids! Especially when it comes to homeschooling your preschooler, avoid any tendency to be too rigid or structured.

I would say that during the two-year old year, we usually have 5-10 minutes of sit down time each day,during the three-year old year, it’s more like 10-15 minutes.

During the four-year old year, it’s closer to 20 minutes. For a number of different reasons, I hesitate to share those numbers.


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