Homeschooling Third-Grade

Around here, we embrace a year-round family-style approach to homeschooling – a 365-day-a-year round-the-clock approach to living and learning together.

I love how educational opportunities can so naturally be woven into our day-to-day life, and I’m excited to give you a glimpse into what that looks like in our house during the third-grade year.

I’m going to share my favorite resources, teaching strategies, and planning tips – things that have worked well in our learning environment – let’s get started!

Bible – When my boys were younger, we used resources like The Jesus Storybook Bible for our Bible time.

Language Arts – Abeka’s phonics program was used to teach me to read, and as a classroom teacher, this was hands-down my favorite phonics/reading program to use with students.

Handwriting – In the second-grade year, we begin learning cursive using Abeka’s cursive option, and throughout the third-grade year.

Creative Writing – This is an area where I like to add in some additional activities – fun writing prompts, out-loud storytelling games, various holiday activities, etc.

Math – For the third-grade year, their colorful Teaching Charts do a fantastic job of explaining concepts in creative way: and the Rapid Calculation Practice activities have been a favorite.


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