How I Prep for a New Homeschool Year

My prep for a new homeschool year usually begins in the spring when we are finishing up the previous school year.

I celebrate what went well that year and consider how we can adjust in the areas where we struggled.

I also go ahead and review the curriculum we finished and look ahead to what I think will work well for the next year, and I go ahead and order it!


Scheduling and Planning:

As I continue to look closely at our curriculum, I think about how we can best tackle our to-dos in the coming year.

Beyond ordering curriculum and thinking through a schedule for the coming school year, there are some practical things I like to do to prepare for a fresh start with my kids.

Practical Preparations:

Being able to tackle any areas that need attention always helps me feel a little lighter as we go into a new school year together.

Prepare Your Home:

Prepare your School Supplies:

Next, prep your school supplies. For us, this is oftentimes as simple as making sure our pencils are sharpened and ready to go!

Prepare Your Kitchen:

Next, don’t forget the snacks! Having a variety of different snack options on hand ready to go is going to help your days flow more smoothly. I promise!


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