How to Help Your Kids Memorize the Bible

Want to help your kids memorize the Bible, but you’re not sure where to start? In this story, I want to share some of the creative strategies our family uses for memorizing God’s Word together.

In our home, my husband and I are wholeheartedly committed to fighting for the hearts of our children, and we believe that encouraging them to memorize the Bible is key.

May we seek to encourage our kids in wisdom, challenge them to grow in their faith, and pray that they will long to know Jesus personally and live in a way that shows the world the Good News.

Read Aloud – Read your verse(s) aloud during breakfast, before bedtime, while you’re sitting in the car, and while you’re waiting at the doctor.

Sing – Search the verse reference on iTunes! There may be a perfect song to download waiting to help your kids memorize their Bible verses.

Get Movin’ – As you recite the words of the Bible verse with your kids, makeup motions to do – bounce a ball back and forth, speak loudly/softly or fast/slow, clap a beat, etc.

Use Everyday Objects – Gather everyday objects and use them to help illustrate or demonstrate the meaning of a verse.

Be Creative – Our kids enjoy drawing pictures, setting words to music, acting out stories, putting on puppet shows, recording videos of themselves on their tablets.