Painting with Hot Wheels Cars

If there is an activity I want to do with my kids…but I know it’s going to require a little more than my two hands…I put the supplies in a bucket and we tackle those projects on the weekends when daddy can help! This Painting with Hot Wheels Cars activity was most definitely one of those projects!

Painting with Hot Wheels Cars


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I gave each of my little ones one piece of white card-stock paper, one Hot Wheels Car, and a small paper plate that had a thin, smooth layer of orange paint on it.

We demonstrated how to roll the wheels of the car through the orange paint and then roll the paint on to their piece of paper.

Painting with Hot Wheels Cars by This Little Home of Mine

After showing them how to do it, they enjoyed giving it a try, and I was impressed that they actually stayed on the paper…and that no one tried to eat the paint. Success!

Painting with Hot Wheels Cars by This Little Home of Mine

My youngest son loves anything with wheels, and he was fascinated that his wheels were “painting”; and my oldest enjoyed creating somewhat of a design on his paper!

Your kiddos might like to try using lots of different cars/lots of different colors.

I love thinking outside about the box and using objects other than paintbrushes to create painted artwork with my kids! Pinterest is full of great ideas. In fact, the inspiration for this project came from Pinterest. When I discover an idea that I think my kiddos will love, I pin it, and I like to also share my favorite on Facebook and Instagram.

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Do you have a little artist on your hands? Would they enjoy painting with Hot Wheels Cars?

How about driving their little cars through the snow (white paint)?

Painting with Hot Wheels Cars - Driving Through the Snow

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  1. I have miniature classical car collection. Now i have 76 classical car miniatures. The collection does not allow me to paint as you did in your article. But after buying some small car, i can try painting of hot wheels 🙂 It would be interesting, thanks

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